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Inter College Nepal Bhasa One Act Plays Competition:

The League's One-Act Play Contest, founded in 1979, is the largest college level play production contest or play festival of  Tribhuvan University. Thousands of artists from colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan Univeristy of Nepal have participated and many outstanding musicians, singers and writers are produced from this remarkeble competiton. The competition take place in between begining December to end of February for two days in every couple of years. The One-Act Play Contest is supported by more than 20 TU affilliated colleges and TU constituent Campuses and university faculty members serving as critic judges. The Contest's theatre program is considered by historians to be the foundation of Nepal Bhasa educational and community and theatre in Kathmandu Valley. It continues to be a major factor motivating increasing numbers of students of different colleges to increase in theatre arts as an part of academic subject.

The Sanjhyaa Nepal Bhasa One-Act Play contest is a competition where similarly sized colleges present an 25-35 minute play usually adjudicated by a three judges. The contest is held on a single day and open to the public. There are six possible areas of competition: Best Play, Best Writer, Best Director, Best Costume/Makeup Designer, Best Stage Decorator, Best Artists (Male and Female). At all areas of competition the judge awards individual acting awards as well as selecting individuals to award in different categories. After the awards are announced the Judge gives an oral critique to each of the Colleges. Because of the wide participation and diversity of plays produced certain rules and guidelines have been adopted by the State One-Act Play Office. These rules are in place to ensure safety, allow for equity, satisfy legal standards, and make the running of the contest practical.

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