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Sanjhya One Actplay Collections Book, Issue:1

Published on February 5th, 1996 (Nepal Era: 1116 Sillgaa Paru)

This issue is the collection of Nepal Bhasa One Act Plays which are performed in Inter College Sanjhyaa One Act Competition organized by Sanjhyaa Sahitya Pala, Public Youth Campus. This book is first time published by the Pala and it has incorporated the one act plays which had secured First, Second and Third positions from first  to seventh competition. In this collection, the characters of writers are as follows. Bijaya Malla's Women's Pshycology, Dinesh Bhuju's Language Disparity, Durga Lal Shrestha's Dismanagement of Education Sector, Padma Ratna Tuladhar's Tradition and Modern Environment, Subhash Bir Singh Kansakar's Violence, Pushkar Bhakta Mathema's Contemporary Social Context, Shyam Dash Kuma's Linguistic Revolution, Ram Shekhar's Humours, Shasi Kala Manandhar's Women's Pshycology and Nirmal Bajracharya's Violent are represented in their plays in this book. Many of one act plays from this book had been included in the Curriculum of Tribhuvan University.

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