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Examination, Evaluation and Grading System

Examination, Evaluation and Grading System

The BBA program will be executed through the semester system. The regular program shall be completed in eight semesters. The internal (ongoing) evaluation and the external (end of semester) examination shall carry 40 percent and 60 percent weightage respectively. The semester examinations shall be conducted by FOM. The final grade of the student shall be determined on the overall performance in the internal and external examinations.

Passing Grade and Grading System


The final evaluation of students is done through the examination conducted by Tribhuvan University. Students must secure a minimum of grade ‘C’ or Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 in the internal evaluation in order to qualify to appear in the semester examination. In order to pass the semester examination the student must secure a minimum of grade ‘C’ or the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.00. The grading system shall be as follows:


Grade   CGPA    Description

A             3.50 to 4.00         First Division with Distinction

B             2.50 to 3.49         First Division

C             2.00 to 2.49         Second Division

D             1.50 to 1.99         Pass in Individual Paper

F              Below 1.50          Fail

Make-up Examination and Re-registration


In case of failure in one or more courses at the end of semester examinations students can appear in make-up examination in the subsequent semester. A student can appear only on two courses (6 credit hours) in the make-up examination. If the student fails in the make-up examination he / she shall have to re-register and repeat the course as per the course cycle. A student can re-register only two courses (6 credit hours) in a semester. The examination of the re-registered course shall be held as per the course cycle.



Students are required to attend regularly all theory and practical classes, assignments, study tour, field trip, seminars and presentations as required by the course. A student is required to attend at least 80 percent of such activities in order to qualify for the semester examination.


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