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The MBS Course Cycle

In the MBS programme, the courses offered are to be completed in two years. The campus must run for a minimum of 18 hours per week. Each 50 marks paper must have a minimum of 2 lecture hours per week and each 100 marks paper a minimum of 4 hours lecture per week. Each lecture hour has to be of not less than 60 minutes. The course cycle for two years is as follows:

The First Year Programme

The first year programme carries 450 marks and is organized into following six courses:

Sno.     Course No     Course Title

1           MSC 501          Research Methodology and Statistical Methods    100 marks
2           ECO 503          Business Economics                                              100 marks
3           MGT 504          Organizational Behaviors and Human Resources Management 100 marks
4           ACC 507          Management Accounting                                       50 marks
5           FIN 508            Corporate Financial Management                           50 marks
6           MKT 509           Marketing Management                                         50 marks

The Second Year Programme
The second year programme carries 550 marks that constitute of three core courses (250 marks), two specialization courses (200 marks) and a thesis or project work (100 marks). The courses are organized as follows:

Core Courses
1. MSC 502     Production and Operations Management     100 marks
2. MGT 505     Business Policy and Environment                100 marks
3. MGT 506     Entrepreneurship Development                    50 marks

Specialization Courses 200 marks
Any two courses from the following specialization areas:

A. Management Science (Any two courses)
1. MSC 603     Management Information System     100 marks
2. MSC 604     Decision Support System                 100 marks
3. MSC 605     Productivity Management                 100 marks
4. MSC 606     Total Quality Management                100 marks

B. Accounting (Any two Courses)
1. ACC 611     Profit Planning and Control     100 marks
2. ACC 612     Advanced Auditing                100 marks
3. ACC 613     Tax Laws and Tax Planning  100 marks
4. ACC 614     Accounting Theory                100 marks

C. General Management (Any two courses)
1. MGT 621     Small Business Management     100 marks
2. MGT 622     International Business               100 marks
3. MGT 623     Organizational Development     100 marks
4. MGT 624     Labor Relations                         100 marks

D. Finance (Any two courses)
1. FIN 631     Foundation of Financial Theory         100 marks
2. FIN 632     Capital Structure Management         100 marks
3. FIN 633     Investments                                      100 marks
4. FIN 634     Financial Institutions and Markets     100 marks
5. FIN 635     Multinational Corporate Finance       100 marks

E. Marketing (Any two courses)
1. MKT 641     Service Marketing            100 marks
2. MKT 642     Consumer Behavior         100 marks
3. MKT 643     Marketing Research         100 marks
4. MKT 644     International Marketing     100 marks
F. RCH 601    Thesis                            100 marks


Note: Thesis writing within the specialization area

G. RCH 602     Project Work             100 marks
Two Assignment within the specialization area


Thesis and project work
Students are required to write a thesis or two project reports during the second year programme. The thesis and project report will have to be written the specialization area selected for study by the student.

Only those students who have passed all courses of the first year programme shall be allowed to write the thesis. The thesis has to be written under the direct supervision of faculty member of the campus/department. Evaluation of the thesis shall be based on the written part (75 marks) and viva-voce (25 marks). The evaluation of the written part of the thesis shall be conducted through to external examiners. Students should submit three copies of the thesis to the campus/department for evaluation. The concerned campus/department should submit two copies of the thesis to the office of the Dean, Faculty of Management for external evaluation. Viva-voce of thesis shall be conducted in the respective campuses by panel of expert composed of chair person of the research department, the thesis supervisor and one external examiner to be a pointed by the office of the Dean. Both in the evaluation of the written part and viva-voce of the thesis, the average of the marks awarded by the experts will be final.

Project work

Students who opt for project work shall have to work on two assignments during the second year programme on topics approved by the concerned department. The assignments are to be conducted on subject areas of contemporary relevance.

Assignment 1:
Term paper: the first project assignment shall be term paper concentrated on a literature survey in the approved topic. The term paper should be written in about 2000 words. The evaluation of the term paper shall be conducted internally by the concerned department. The term paper shall carry 25 marks.

Assignment 2:
Field work: the second assignment shall be a project report based on a field work on the approved topic. The concern department has to approve the topic. In he field work, the student will have to collect data and information will have to be tabulated, analyzed, synthesized and presented in the form of a report in the prescribed format. The report is written in about 4000 words. An external evaluator will evaluate the report. The field report shall carry 75 marks.

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