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Program Objective

Learning professional management practice forms the backbone of the MBM program. Alongside a series of additional workshops, it develops the core business skills that graduates will need in their future careers it instills a culture of learning, reflection and development through the program's curricular and co-curricular activities.

The MBM is specifically designed to provide high-caliber business graduates with a solid foundation in understanding what business operations is about while developing the skills and awareness needed to be a successful business leader as managers and entrepreneur. The MBM program is designed to provide students with an existing and challenging learning experience. It gives a broad understanding of management issues along with appropriate skills and techniques. The MBM program specifically aims to develop executives for the new and emerging business sectors in developing economics. MBM graduates will be able to:

  • Acquire the analytical, conceptual and practical tools necessary for managerial decision-making.

  • Develop the range of skills necessary to operate successfully in a business environment, including analytical, technical, team working, presentation, report writing and communication skills.

  • Acquire applied knowledge through real work with assigned industry clients.

  • Engage in research and to produce an in-depth analysis and evaluation of a business issue.

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