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Research Cell

research_cell_1Any teaching institution must prepare their faculties to cope with the complexities and accelerated speed of an increasingly global competition. This action is particularly important since the national education systems are failing to arm new workers with the skills that they will require to keep pace with the changing global economy. In such an environment, the campus will succeed or fail based on how well they link their teachers with faculty development program and how well they deliver the lecture to produce the human resource need of the country.

As skilled faculties become harder to obtain from the market, the demand for the good teachers had increased as a part time teacher in different private campuses. As a result the loyalty of the teachers working under Tribhuvan University towards constituent campus has simultaneously decreasing. As such, the campus management committee should focus on strengthening internal staffing, by giving proper opportunities to the teachers in research work and in house teaching learning program.

The management of the teaching faculties is totally based on the ideas and procedures developed by the campus management to motivate, increase productivity and performance of the teachers. The teaching faculties have always been central to any campuses, but today their strategic importance is growing in the knowledge-based business world like never before. The success of a campus is increasingly dependant on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its teaching faculties. Without these assets campuses would surely fail. 

To be successful in today‚Äôs market, campuses need an extremely capable, flexible and dedicated faculties, a flexible and innovative management team, and the capability to hold on to developed talent. To accomplish these objectives, the campus have established well Equipped Research and Development Cell in the campus premises.

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