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Nepal Bhasa is the ethnic and ancient language of the Kathmandu Valley. People from Kathmandu Valley are the main user of this language. This language has its own special features with own script and enlisted in UN as national script of Nepal. This has been officially used in the Malla period in Nepal. It has been used wisely in different iconography, monuments, many statues other important historical sites of the Kathmandu Valley. All seven heritage sites of the Kathmnadu Valley reflect the culture of Newari and Nepal Bhasa. This reflection indicates the important values of the country in the context of the world. Nepal Bhasa plays very important role to understand, learn and research the historical sites of the Kathmandu valley and newari culture. Nepal government has also recognized Nepal Bhasa and the Nepal Era as a National language and National Era.

Sanjhya Sahitya Pala has been established in Nepal Era 1100 (AD 1979) by energetic and active students of Public Youth Campus. It is the non-profit and nongovernment organization to preserve and develop Newari literature, art, culture and scripts of Nepal Bhasa in the country.

The main objectives of the organization are as follows:

1.    To organize Inter College Nepal Bhasa One-act Play Competition
2.    To publish of Annual Magazine and books
3.    To organize various programs to develop literature, art and culture of the Nepal Bhasa.
4.    To involve and encourage college students to develop the awareness of Nepal Bhasa literature, culture and heritage.
5.    To preserve the culture and heritage of Kathmandu Valley.

Activities of the organization:

In order to achieve the goal of this organization has organized different programs as under:

1.    Inter College Nepal Bhasa One Act Play Competition
2.    Publication of the Annual Magazine
3.    Publication of the collection of the one act play
4.    Organized Nepal Bhasa Script Training Courses in the College
5.    Publication of the Nepali Pocket Calendar on the occasion of Nepal Sambat (New ERA)
6.    Published Nepal Bhasa audio visual CDs and Units of Nepal Bhasa Literature.

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