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Academinc Program


A two-year, full-time program, with a focus on developing managerial and entrepreneurship skills.


A two-year program that enables the students to work as competent managers and to meet the demand of higher-level managers in all organizations of the nation.

A two-year program designed to produce senior management level tourism professionals to serve in the travel and tourism industry, both at the private and public institutions.


A Four-Year Program designed to develop management professionals who will work as the middle level managers in the rapidly growing business sectors in Nepal and abroad.


A Four-Year Program designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future and designed with the objective of producing middle-level managerial manpower in the sectoral areas.


A 4-year annual program designed to develop competent managers with managerial and entrepreneurial skills, with a solid foundation of theories and business techniques.

A Four-Year Program designed for a sustainable personality development to match with the required professional demand of the tourism sector.


Ready to make
things happen?

In the area of management activity—business and industry, travel and tourism management, business administration---you’ll find people who seem to enjoy tackling problems, getting things done, and making of person, you’ll feel right at home at Public Youth Campus, Tribhuvan University. Where ever you turn at PYC you’ll meet people who share your passion for making thing---on campus, in communities throughout the nation, and around the world.

Think Globally

In the years ahead, and the 21st century unfolds, international experience will be even more important for professional advancement than it is today, as nationals and communities became diverse, people of different backgrounds will have more occasions to interact. In these respect, PYC truly is a Constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University. Our students come from 75 districts. And, of course, Kathmandu is a wonderfully international City. You can expect your experiences at PYC to differ a lot from those of your friends at most other colleges and universities. Your experiences at PYC will have a much more extraordinary feel.

You'll be Challenged

PYC’s outstanding faculty will challenge you to learn and grow in your chosen field. Our management , management education will depend your understanding of the humanities and develop your ability to think critically, see connections among ideas, and communicate clearly, Through small, faculty-taught classes you will explore issues in contemporary business affairs, in areas such as business management, travel and tourism industry, government, communication, business and international service. As you progress in your major, you will come to see your professors as mentors, teachers, researchers, and well respected experts.

Go on. Be advanturous

Kathmandu is a great city. And getting around is easy---for work, study, community service, or just plain fun. Whatever your major, you’ll find resources that aren’t available elsewhere---the central library of TU, for example.
Internship possibilities include placement s throughout the government and with the countless public and private organizations that have headquarters here. For fun, sample some of the many world cuisines available in the city or enjoy a bit of world-class shopping. Make the city yours.

Enjoy a true

Yes, it does make a difference. Many PYC students, like having a well-defined our campus here in Central Kathmandu – a familiar place to call home in a beautiful area of the city. Our campus is in one of Kathmandu’s nicest residential neighborhoods. There’s a stately quad and a variety of modern and traditional buildings, including campus halls with renovated rooms. You’ll also find a cultural hub, art, fitness center, shops and services, and even an international coffeehouse, near by the campus.

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Our Stakeholders

The PYC Library is as old as the institution itself. It is a unique collection of all resources related to general management, travel and tourism, analytical and other subjects related to the all management studies. There are the Issue and Reading/Reference Sections separately departmentalised in the PYC library.

There is an e-library system and on-line library facilities available to all the faculty members and students of the Public Youth Campus. In addition to its own collection of the books, journals, magazines and newspapers, the library works in close consultation with the campus’ own computer laboratory.
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